Teeth Whitening

Whiter Teeth Now–Without the Stress!

Girl after teeth whitening treatmentWith life happening so fast around you, maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of your smile and been less than impressed! Taking the time to get the brightest smile possible can be daunting, with expensive and confusing over-the-counter options. Sometimes, it may seem that no matter how much extra-strength whitening toothpaste and mouthwash you use, you still can’t conquer that dingy tint to your teeth. If you live in or near Superior, CO, Flatirons Family Dental & Orthodontics has just the solution for you!

Your Whitening Options

We offer two options for safe, fast and effective whitening processes that only take about an hour of your time in a given day.

In-Office Treatment: Completed in no more than an hour in the office chair, our potent gel and laser process is guaranteed to brighten your smile, and your attitude! While this technique provides whitening that will last years, you can supplement treatment with our take-home kits, to keep your smile polished and at its brightest. Our flexible scheduling options and the ability to make appointments online ease the stress of getting your brightest smile for that special event, or just for you!

Take-Home Treatment: For a lower cost option, try our at-home tray whitening kit. Your dentist will take a mold of your teeth, and you’ll be given your trays for home use, along with two tubes of whitening gel. Simply wear once a day for 45 minutes and see whiter results in just 5 days! Or, wear the tray twice a day for 30 minutes each to achieve that bright smile you’re after. Contact us now to get fitted for your tray, and start the path to a whiter smile!

Bright Rewards

Our take-home treatment is part of the Bright Rewards Program, meant to help the busiest and best in Superior, CO see the smile they deserve. All of our patients are entitled to the program, offering a rate of $199 for our one-time enrollment fee. Those patients who opt for the in-office treatment are enrolled FREE!

Program Perks with Bright Rewards:

  • One-time enrollment fee of $199 (waived for our in-office treatment patients)
  • Two tubes of whitening gel ($200 value) with fitted tray
  • Wear tray just 45 minutes per day, or twice for a half-hour per day
  • See results beginning in just the first 5 days of the 2-6-week treatment
  • Receive free touch-up gel ($40 value) when you attend regular cleaning appointments

Get Started on Your Brightest White Smile Now!

Schedule with Flatirons Family Dental & Orthodontics at (720) 304-3267, or online now. Our staff is here for you. We’ll answer any questions that will help you pick the best option to achieve the strikingly whitest smile you want and deserve! We can also offer you a number of other cosmetic dentistry services.