Comfort is the Highest Priority!

Man smiling with dentures in Superior, COMissing or damaged teeth causing you pain or discomfort? Dentures are meant to ease these issues, replacing a full or partial section of teeth with a flexible and affordable solution. Dentures not only replace teeth, they can help protect lips and teeth from aging and frowned-upon wrinkles. And, it is important for those with existing dentures here in Superior, CO to ensure that as the mouth naturally changes over time, your dentures change with you. That’s why at Flatirons Family Dental and Orthodontics , we ensure our patients will find a range of options and care to get (and keep) your smile in its best and brightest shape!

Denture Options

We offer both full and partial dentures depending on our patient’s needs. A cost-effective alternative to bridges or implants, and simpler to achieve, dentures can have your smile back-in-action by replacing missing and damaged teeth, with an effective partial or full set.

Partial Dentures

Partial DenturesWhen some teeth remain intact and in good-condition, our dentists may recommend a partial denture to a patient. This is a cost-effective alternative to other solutions, and allows a section of missing teeth to be replaced. The existing teeth surrounding the section secure the denture, which allows you the option to remove and clean the appliance, all while providing our patient the comfort and security of a strong bite.

Complete Dentures

Full Denture

For some, a full denture may be the best course of action. These patients include those who have lost all their teeth due to an injury, as well as those who have undergone extraction. A suction base fits the appliance to the gum and should be maintained as the jaw can change as you age. Full dentures allow you to regain a full mouth of teeth, crucial to a happier and healthier Superior, CO lifestyle.

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It’s highly recommended that those with dentures are seen regularly by our dentists, so that we can ensure you the best-fitting and most-comfortable wear possible. Dentures should be replaced every 3-8 years, so it’s important that you keep regularly scheduled appointments. Call Flatirons Family Dental & Orthodontics now at (720) 304-3267 to speak with one of our caring staff members or fill out our appointment form online now!