Back-to-School Dental Check-Ups

August 13, 2022

smiling back to schoolWow, that summer flew by fast! With the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ officially ending, it’s time to think about your kids’ back-to-school checklist. We don’t just mean their supply list, either! As your kids start going back to school, they will also be heading to the doctor for their annual sports physicals, well visits, vision exams, and dental check-ups. What may seem like ‘just another task’ on your to-do list, our team at Flatirons Dental wants to remind you just how vital these check-ups can be!

Prevention as the Cure

You’ve heard the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“, and we could not agree more as dentists. When you commit to taking your child to the dentist at least twice every year for a cleaning, exam, and updated x-rays, you are committing to their overall health. Many serious dental diseases can go unnoticed. Gum disease like Gingivitis, while reversible, can quickly progress to Periodontitis (an incurable gum disease that leads to frequent infections, jaw bone deterioration, tooth loss, and more).

What You Can Expect During a Back-to-School Dental Appointment

A back-to-school appointment will be just like your bi-annual dental cleaning appointment (it is just usually most convenient for parents to schedule this appointment before they begin another school year). At the appointment, you will be greeted by our friendly dental staff. Our dental hygienists will take your son or daughter back for their cleaning, and will thoroughly remove plaque and tartar. They will also take updated digital x-rays and photos for the dentist to review.

After their cleaning, the dentist will review their new x-rays and examine their teeth, gums, throat/neck, and jaw for any signs of disease, overbite/crossbite that may require orthodontic intervention, cavities, and spacing issues. Once complete, as their parent, you will be able to ask the dentist questions about your child’s dental history, recommended treatment plan, and follow-up visits.

Making It Easy for Families

Our commitment at Flatirons Dental is to make your child’s back-to-school dental appointment as easy, relaxed, and quick as possible. Our dental team is highly passionate about what we do and will help you schedule an appointment that is convenient for your busy lifestyle – especially as you tackle all the to-dos on your list before the 2022-2023 school year kicks off. We provide excellence in dentistry for kids and adults and would be happy to keep your appointments together if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you!