Dental Crowns

CEREC LogoA same day or same visit dental crown, is sometimes referred to as a “cap,” that restores a tooth with a ceramic, tooth-shaped crown.  A dental crown helps with both the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth.

CEREC crowns are an innovative dental technology providing options for patients.  The benefits of CEREC same- visit dental crowns are precision milling and time savings.

CEREC Dental Crown Restoration

Watch how CEREC can help patients achieve a healthy smile at their next dental appointment.


At Flatirons Family Dental & Orthodontics we use the CEREC in-office design center to enable placement of same day or same visit CEREC dental crowns.  Our office, located in Superior, CO, is equipped with advanced dental technology.  Please call and schedule your dental exam and consultation with Dr. Sayers, Naranja, Emanuel or Friedman.  We look forward to working with you toward your healthy, beautiful smile.

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